WELCOME TO U ANTWERP, where our guests take centre stage

A total experience all under one roof: eat, drink, sleep, and relax

Antwerp | on 22 June, U Antwerp will be opening, an exceptional total experience combining a hotel, bar and restaurant with a view of the spectacular marina, located at the foot of the Museum Aan de Stroom (MAS). As the name suggests, at ‘U’, our guests take centre stage. You won’t find an anonymous approach, just a relaxed atmosphere in an urban setting with high quality service for all. With three restaurant experiences and 15 hotel rooms, U Antwerp is a unique hospitality concept. The driving forces behind U Antwerp are the Michelin star chef Viki Geunes and his wife Viviane Plaquet of restaurant ’t Zilte and the TV programme maker Hans Otten and his wife Colette Van Remortel. Starting today, you can make your reservations for U Antwerp via the website U-antwerp.be. 

U take centre stage

In Antwerp’s hottest neighbourhood right now: het Eilandje, two historic buildings on the corner of the Sint-Laureiskaai and Nassaustraat are the setting for U Antwerp. At the foot of the Museum aan de Stroom (MAS) and with a view of the spectacular Antwerp marina, ‘U’ will make the perfect meeting place for tourists, business travellers and bons vivants. U-guests can count on outstanding hospitality, comfort and service, at the hotel as well as in the restaurant and bar.   


‘U Antwerp is a place where people will want to meet. It’s a restaurant with overnight accommodation as well as a hotel with a restaurant as a special attraction. That’s something that doesn’t exist yet in Belgium, but not anymore, after 22 June, and that’s why we chose the name “U”, a place where it’s all about u.’

The day to day management of U Antwerp will be taken care of by Hans’ wife: Colette van Remortel. Colette is a certified pilot and worked for over 7 years for Brussels Airlines. Her expertise in hospitality as well as her cosmopolitan flair will give ‘U’ the atmosphere it deserves.


‘I’ve seen the world. I understand the needs of a tourist, businessman, family or couple when travelling. You want to have everything taken care of for you so that you can relax and enjoy yourself. Life is too short to worry, life is too long to wait.’

Welcome to all of U

U has a large, inviting terrace with a view of the Antwerp marina, but it also has a lounge, a bar, foodbar and restaurant. And they’re open not just to the U-guests from the 15 rooms on the upper floors, but casual passers-by, neighbourhood residents and tourists are welcome to visit the lounge, enjoy a bite at the restaurant or at the foodbar, finish off an evening out with a cocktail or start the day with breakfast.  


‘We noticed that in the world’s great cities like London, New York and Barcelona, there’s often an emphasis on a location where there’s something to be experienced.  “U” is more than a boutique-hotel with an enchanting view. We will offer a lively vibe at any time of day. Upon arrival, guests will instantly pick up on that atmosphere and look forward to their stay with us.’

U-eat, by Viki Geunes & Viviane Plaquet

U is located at the foot of the MAS where the two-star restaurant ’t Zilte by Viki Geunes & Viviane Plaquet is housed. Although Viki will still command his team in the kitchen at ’t Zilte, he will also be providing the culinary vision for U-eat. Viki Geunes has created a menu for ‘U’ that will appeal to anyone and will feature what he likes to describe as up-to-date cuisine with contemporary, global flavours. At ‘U’, guests can choose to either sit down at a table at the U Resto or head for the U Foodbar. If you opt for the U Foodbar, you'll have a view of the open kitchen and food will be served at the counter with barstools.


‘U Antwerp is a place where anyone can come any time of day, for any reason: leisure, work, love, exploration. And on the plate, I want to create the same exact vibe through accessible dishes with a twist. For me, it's important that the ingredients are recognisable. In recent months, I’ve been training Tommy Cavaliere to be in charge of the kitchen for U Antwerp and I’m confident that he's going to surprise and impress a lot of people.’

Viviane Plaquet will also play a major role in the whole U-story. With over 25 years’ experience in the world of gastronomy, she will be able to draw on her expertise as well as her charm to offer ‘U’ guests a unique restaurant experience. 


‘For me, it's a fun challenge, in addition to ‘t Zilte, to be able to help shape this new story. Viki and I have been putting the customer centre-stage for over 25 years. Both in culinary terms and when it comes to hospitality, we love to pamper our guests and that will be no different at “U”.’

From cappuccino to Negroni

Not only can you head to U Resto and U Foodbar for lunch and dinner, they’ll be serving breakfast too. U Antwerp is bound to become one of the most beautiful spots in Antwerp for breakfast. Viki Geunes has come up with a number of breakfast formulas but has also created some unique breakfast dishes for the U Breakfast menu. From 7:30 AM to 10:30 AM, overnight U-guests as well as other visitors are welcome for breakfast. 

A fun get together with friends, a meeting with work colleagues or a quiet moment to get some work done on your own? U Lounge will supply the sublime surroundings as well a cappuccino, a Belgian specialty beer or a cocktail.  From 12 PM to 10 PM, along with your drink, you can also grab a bite to eat at the U Foodbar.

U Sleep: sleep, dream and wake up in one of the prettiest spots in Antwerp

U Antwerp wants to offer guests true relaxation after a long day’s journey, city-hopping, shopping, work… In other words, a chance to escape from the day's worries. All rooms are equipped with premium bed linens, soft towels and bathrobes. Every detail has been considered to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The 15 rooms have been divided into 3 different room types: U Sleep Cosy, U Sleep Charming, U Sleep Luxury. 

No two hotel rooms are alike. In each room, you'll find a different feeling and impression. That way, each time you come for a stay, you'll discover new things. Although there is a unified style, of course. In certain rooms, the colours are greens and blues, while others have delicate pastel tints. An unexpected and striking element in the design is the steel that is recurrent accent throughout.

One woman is single-handedly responsible for the entire design of both the restaurant and the hotel: Karine Ribbens of April One.

The foodbar, lobby and restaurant flow into one another and have no clear boundaries. When you walk in, the first thing you'll see is the bright blue background and the U-logo in neon.


‘At “U”, the guest takes centre stage and therefore, it's also important for guests to feel comfortable and to go home with a good feeling after a visit to the hotel, restaurant, or bar. I chose to use natural colours that give a sense of serenity, but then in urban setting.’

In the foodbar and the lounge, there’s a floor made of glass mosaic in white, grey and black. In the restaurant, a hardwood floor was laid in a herringbone pattern. The large, high windows give plenty of natural light, which makes it a particularly airy space. The original rounded arches in the ceiling have been restored. The eyecatcher in the restaurant is the graphic panel on the wall.

Open from 22 June 2017
Reservations for U are now open via the website U-antwerp.be or via telephone
U Antwerp is also looking for people to join the team. If you're interested in applying, please send an e-mail to info@u-antwerp.be
T: +32(0)3 201 90 70