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HOORAY! There's a new doughnut shop in Antwerp

You might just have to pinch yourself to be sure you're not dreaming, but it's true: Antwerp will soon be home to the one and only ‘Hoeked Doughnuts’. In the heart of the city, Joris and Caroline are opening a take-away doughnut shop. You'll find freshly baked doughnuts with four corners (hoek means ‘corner’ in Dutch!) and toppings such as ‘Salted Caramel’, ‘Matcha Ganache’ and ‘Lemon glaze & Lemon crumble’. They’re almost too pretty to eat. Almost. 

On the Oudaan in Antwerp, Grembergen-natives Joris (43) and Caroline (41) will be opening ‘Hoeked Doughnuts’: a shop full of fresh, handmade doughnuts. The couple were looking for a new challenge and decided to close their bakery in Grembergen. And that’s how the baker with a passion for patisserie became a doughnutier, you might say. Joris and Caroline took their inspiration from travels in New York and London, where you'll find doughnut shops on just about every city block. 


“I really believe that doughnuts are going to be ‘the next big thing’. Kids and young people especially can't get enough of them, but I see it as my mission to win over adults as well. Doughnuts are available everywhere: at your local convenience store, at the bakery, petrol stations and coffeehouses. But I wanted to stand out from the crowd by making my own creation. I came up with the recipe, prepare them fresh each day, and even the toppings and fillings are home-made.”

Doughnuts with corners

Some doughnuts are made with spelt flour and sweetened with Zusto, a Belgian sugar substitute. Some of the doughnuts in their range are lactose-free. The dough is given plenty of time to rise because that has a big impact on the flavour. What's more, the toppings and fillings are also made from high quality raw materials. Joris has managed to take a ‘typically American’ food and turn it into a ‘gourmet product made with Belgian finesse’.

While Joris creates the doughnuts in his workshop, Caroline can be found at the shop in Antwerp, where she sells the Hoeked Doughnuts. An original touch: the doughnuts by Joris and Caroline aren’t round like the usual kind but have… corners. They’re square! It's not just the flavour that makes a Hoeked Doughnut special, but the shape as well. They are highly recognisable and even fit perfectly into a square photo format for your Instagram. 

Take a peek inside the display counter and chances are you'll be powerless to resist the classics such as ‘Vanilla Glaze’, ‘Chocolate’ and ‘Blueberry’, as well as their own versions of the Boule de Berlin and Crème Brûlée and specials such as ‘Cinnamon Sugar’, ‘Salted Caramel’, ‘Speculoos’ and ‘Matcha Ganache’. Not only do they have a wide range of choices, but there’s also a constantly changing selection of savoury doughnuts, for example, or ’guest doughnuts’. And of course, there will be plenty of attention to seasonal themes such as Valentine's Day.

Take-away through the window

Hoeked Doughnuts is heavily geared towards take-away service. If you know what you want, you can just order from outside through the window. But if you're not sure yet what to choose, you're welcome to come inside to browse the possibilities and order at the counter. This hip little shop even has a few stools where you can eat your doughnuts on the spot, if you like, accompanied by delicious cup of coffee, a homemade iced tea or a Ritchie lemonade.

The space where Hoeked Dougnuts is housed is right in the middle of the shopping district in Antwerp. They’ve kept the hip black-and-white tiled floor in the interior. The Antwerp design studio Pinkeye created both the concept and the branding. For the design of the shop, Pinkeye opted for pastel colours such as vanilla, pistachio and raspberry in combination with gold and chocolate brown. This cheerful mix of colours itself is enough to make your mouth start to water for a delicious doughnut.

No time to wait your turn in the shop, or do you need to make a larger order? You can place your order by e-mail: info@hoeked.be. You can also order your doughnuts for delivery in the Antwerp area via Deliveroo. 

A plain doughnut (without filling) sells for €2,90. Filled doughnuts cost 50 cents extra. 
Student discount available.

Practical information

Address: Oudaan 4, 2000 Antwerp
Opening hours: 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM (unless sold-out)
closed Sundays and Mondays (except for the monthly Sunday shopping days in Antwerp)

You can order your doughnuts via info@hoeked.be or via Deliveroo

Website: www.hoekeddoughnuts.be
Facebook: Hoeked Doughnuts
Instagram: hoekeddoughnuts

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