No matter how big some of our clients have become in the meantime, they are still run by people with a passion – the same kind of passion that we put into Diamonds & Pearls. We think along with our clients about how to best tell their stories and – this is something quite different – to communicate them. On one hand, through those good relations, and on the other, by creating and realising exceptional concepts and organising truly memorable press events.

Anyone can pop a bottle of champagne and invite the 'flavour of the month' to an event. But we like to go further.

Of course we're not blind to trends and innovation – we're constantly listening, feeling and observing the zeitgeist. But more importantly, our work is about people and relationships, and how to find warm, personal and creative ways to bring our clients closer to their clients. Admittedly, that also sounds a bit old hat. But nevertheless, it's what we strive to do, to the best of our abilities. Every day.

Debby Wilmsen

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Frederic De Gezelle

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